Because I love to cook.

Because at the age of sixteen, I worked in a convent (yes, I did consider becoming a nun!) in the kitchen under the guidance of a retired chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu. I never became a nun but I did work there for 6 years, put myself through college and could make 15 pies at a time.

Because my Mother is Slovak and my Dad is Polish. Mom would always have a big meal on the table for Dad by 2:00 before he went to work. She would make her own noodles and her peirogis were featured in the local paper.

Because I have been gifted with an incredible palate. I like to play a guessing game with the chef in a restaurant to detect the spices used.

Because I have friends who are incredible cooks.

Because my kitchen is my creative outlet.

Because my Hubby appreciates every little morsel.

Because food is a gift of love…

I bring you this blog.

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  1. myblogject

    May 14, 2011

    Oh, Fabulous about page! Gorgeous blog from what I have seen so far!


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